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Win $2000 and have your interior design project featured on our upcoming blog, that's focused on highlighting how design is #MakingPeoplesLivesBetter!

Ecore Commercial Flooring makes people's lives better by transforming reclaimed materials into performance surfaces. We want to tell your story about how a project you designed makes people's lives better. Fill out a brief description of your project and how it makes people's lives better. Please make sure you have at least 3 photos to submit. The 12 best submissions will win $2000, and our blog writer will interview you for an article to be published in 2018! If your firm does not allow you to receive cash prizes, we will happily donate the winnings to a charity of your choice.

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Lasting Impact - Sustainable Materials Contribute to

Healthy and Durable Interiors

Can a floor reduce the risk of injury from a fall?
Can a floor enhance staff wellbeing?
Can a floor make people's lives better?

Yes, it can.

Can a floor do more?



Managing impact and surface hazards better than ever before.


Making people more productive and comfortable in their environments


Reducing noise in and between functional spaces.

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